I Heart Healthy Relationships A Peer-Led Workshop on Relationships

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What is I Heart Healthy Relationships?

I Heart Healthy Relationships (IHHR) is a 60-90 minute peer-led workshop offered to established groups and dormitories on campus. In this interactive workshop, students will dialogue with peers about what healthy dating relationships entail, how to communicate effectively, what is needed and what should be avoided in a relationship, how to support survivors of domestic violence, and what support services are available on campus.

What will the program be about?

During the IHHR program, which is led by 2-3 student facilitators who also teach FYCARE workshops, you'll meet with fellow peer group members and have a relaxed, interactive discussion about healthy relationships and supporting peers who might be experiencing abuse within a relationship. The workshop includes activities and discussion, helping students to:

  • challenge common messages about relationships
  • understand the components of healthy relationships
  • promote healthy communication strategies
  • learn to spot "red flags" or abusive behaviors in a relationship
  • recognize how to support friends experiencing unhealthy behaviors in a relationship
  • identify resources on campus and in community

What's the history of the program?

The IHHR program was initially developed and funded out of a Student Affairs Strategic Initiative Grant, beginning in 2015-2016. Since then, it has been facilitated to a number of campus groups, especially during Domestic Violence Awareness Month. It won the Illini Spirit Award from the Moms Association in 2017.

How do I request an IHHR workshop?

Student groups and organizations may request an IHHR workshop here. Please fill it out, and the workshop coordinator (icarestaffuiuc@gmail.com) will get in contact with you to set up a workshop. If you have concerns, questions, or think a different, more customized workshop might better meet your needs, contact Nora Peterson at nepeters@illinois.edu.

How can I become a workshop facilitator?

Currently, IHHR facilitators are highly-experienced facilitators who also lead workshops for the FYCARE program. If you are interested in becoming involved with FYCARE, Community Health (CHLH) 199B: CARE (Campus Acquaintance Rape Education) is a three credit hour course offered to all university students that prepares future facilitators. Visit academic course offerings for more information.