Prevention & Training for Employees

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Employees at Illinois support those impacted by sexual misconduct and must understand their various responsibilities to report incidents of sexual misconduct to the University. See below for important trainings for employees.

Preventing Harassment & Discrimination Training

Faculty and staff training prepares employees to cultivate and maintain a workplace culture resistant to discrimination, harassment and retaliation. The training equips faculty and staff with information and skills that promote intervention, empathy, and allyship. The course includes sections specific to requirements under Title IX and the Clery Act.

For more information, visit FAQs about Annual Training.

Campus Security Authority Training

The Clery Act designates certain institutional officials and units as Campus Security Authorities ("CSAs") who are required to report good faith allegations that certain crimes occurred on campus, in public areas bordering campus, and in non-campus buildings owned or controlled by the university. University employees should work with the campus Clery Act liaison to determine whether they are a CSA and what training they will need to have to comply with the Clery Act. You can learn more about who is a CSA, what being a CSA entails, and other details about the Clery Act, at the University of Illinois Police Department website.

Programs and Trainings by Request

Employees may also receive training on various issues regarding sexual misconduct. See Programs and Trainings by Request for more information on training opportunities.

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