GUARD A Consent and Sexual Assault Prevention Program for Fraternities and Sororities

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What is GUARD?

Each semester, members of the Illinois fraternity and sorority community are invited to come together in a day-long seminar called GUARD. This interactive program educates students about creating a safe campus which values consent, supports survivors of sexual assault, and intervenes in potentially dangerous situations.

What will the program be about?

Fraternity men and sorority women will become advocates within their chapters and community in supporting survivors and preventing sexual assault. Men and women will meet separately to discuss various topics with trained peer leaders, who work as FYCARE facilitators and are members of the fraternity/sorority community. Discussion topics include understanding sexual misconduct, gender norms, hookup culture, consent, supporting survivors, and resources. All students will come together at the end of the day to learn about bystander intervention—how they can unite as one fraternity/sorority community and stand guard to keep the Illinois campus safe, respectful, and caring for one another.

Why work with fraternities and sororities?

Fraternity and sorority members are important leaders on campus, and their leadership skills and values have the power to create positive change and prevent social problems like sexual violence. GUARD encourages men to utilize fraternity values and brotherhood to create a safer campus and prevent sexual violence. GUARD also recognizes that the sisterhood present in a sorority chapter is unique and a strength for creating support for survivors of sexual assault on campus. When fraternity and sorority members are educated on this issue and serve as advocates and educators, they can make a difference in preventing assaults and helping survivors obtain resources they need quickly and in a more supportive environment.

What's the history of the program?

GUARD is sponsored by the Women's Resources Center, Fraternity & Sorority Affairs, Black Greek Council, Interfraternity Council, Panhellenic Council, and United Greek Council. The program has been developed out of the groundwork laid by Sexual Assault Liaison (SAL) and Fraternity Peer Rape Education (FPREP), which were academic courses for fraternity and sorority members on these topics. In fall 2014, a version of the seminar for sorority women premiered, and the first official GUARD seminar for both fraternities and sororities took place in spring 2015. The new seminar format engages a greater number of chapter members in a condensed format, creating an opportunity for participants to get involved in or facilitate other programs like FYCARE, ICARE, and It's On Us. GUARD and other WRC sexual assault prevention programming won awards from the Moms Association and Dads Association in 2015.

How do I participate in GUARD?

At the beginning of each semester, all fraternity and sorority chapters are invited, via their affiliated council, to send 1-2 chapter members to attend the program. Chapter leadership must inform the Women's Resources Center of their chapter's attendees by filling out the following form:

GUARD Registration Form

For more information, contact the following staff members:

  • Nora Peterson, Associate Director, Prevention for the Women’s Resources Center
    (217) 333-3137
  • Andrew Hohn, Associate Director for Fraternity & Sorority Affairs
    (217) 333-7062

How can I become a workshop facilitator?

Currently, GUARD facilitators are highly-experienced facilitators who are a part of the fraternity/sorority community on campus and also lead workshops for the FYCARE program. If you are interested in becoming involved with FYCARE, Community Health (CHLH) 199B: CARE (Campus Acquaintance Rape Education) is a three credit hour course offered to all university students that prepares future facilitators. Visit Academic Course Offerings for more information.