Non-Exclusive List of Possible Sanctions/Actions/Outcomes of the Student Disciplinary Process

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Any student found in violation of the Sexual Misconduct Policy will be assigned formal and educational, and possibly behavioral sanctions.

Formal sanctions include:

  • University Reprimand
  • University Censure
  • Conduct Probation
  • Suspension
  • Dismissal
  • Dismissal Held in Abeyance

The record of the formal sanctions are maintained according to a specific records retention policy depending on the sanction. Suspension and Dismissal are noted on the academic transcript for the duration of the sanction.

Educational/behavioral sanctions can include:

  • No contact directives
  • No trespass orders
  • Violence prevention programs
  • Workshops on ethical decision making
  • Meetings with mentors or disciplinary officers
  • Research papers
  • Letters of apology
  • Personal journal reviews with a disciplinary officer
  • Reflective essays
  • Policy review essays
  • Educational interviews
  • Substance abuse assessments and programs
  • Drug testing
  • Topic-focused discussions with licensed professionals
  • Mandated service to the community
  • Other educational projects.

Additional information on possible actions/outcomes in individual student discipline cases can be found here.