Have You Been Accused of Sexual Misconduct?

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If you have been accused of sexual misconduct and are unsure what to do or whom to talk with, the following information will be helpful.

Do not contact the alleged victim.

There are offices on campus that can provide assistance to you. You can contact the Student Assistance Center in the Office of the Dean of Students (217-333-0050) and the Office for Student Conflict Resolution (217-333-3680). Someone from one of these offices can explain the University reporting procedures and explain the student disciplinary process. For further information on the student disciplinary process, the FAQs about the Student Disciplinary Process may be helpful.

You can receive counseling assistance on campus at the Counseling Center (217-333-3704) and McKinley Health Center (Mental Health) (217-333-2705).

Sexual misconduct can be both a criminal offense as well as a violation of the University of Illinois' Sexual Misconduct Policy. A student or employee alleged to have engaged in a sexual misconduct may be subject to prosecution under Illinois criminal statutes and/or subject to discipline under the student discipline procedures or applicable employee discipline procedures. Criminal proceedings and University proceedings are separate processes and may have independent outcomes. A student found in violation of the Student Code may be subject to dismissal from the University. An individual found guilty of a crime may be subject to various criminal sanctions.

Portions of this page were adapted from the University of Montana Sexual Misconduct Resources website (2015).